Our Services Are Complimentary

We are paid by the service providers you select from our portfolio on a monthly basis. This type of arrangement is a great incentive for us to deliver an exceptional customer service experience. We provide Telecom/Cloud services insight, customer service, product support, billing inquiries, contract management, service changes, project management, setup service provider demos, facilitate service disconnects, and more, all at no expense to the customer.

Over 175 Telecom and Cloud Suppliers

Gain access to a diverse portfolio of the best supplier options for your company’s technology needs. We identify the optimum telecom and cloud providers based upon your defined outcomes and their ability to deliver the solution.


Secure A Single Point of Contact

“One hand to Shake” meaning less finger pointing and fewer headaches for you. When you’ve got a question, a concern or an issue to resolve, you only need one phone number.


Obtain Personalized Strategy and Solution Planning

Established in 2001, we are qualified experts who live and breathe telecom and cloud integrations every day. We will collaborate with you to carefully construct the perfect plan for your company.


AMP (Asset Management Platform)

AMP is a single secure online portal for all your Telecom, Cloud, and hardware assets. It provides 100% visibility into every location, every service, every piece of equipment, every supplier/vendor and every signed contract.

Develop A Long-Term Relationship

Carrier sales reps frequently jump companies or are eliminated through acquisition, while we are vested in our own business. No more turnover-related hassles. We will be here to support you!


Gain A Trusted Advisor

We act as an extension of your team, guiding you with recommendations tailored specifically to your company’s industry and growth goals.


Acquire Greater leverage

We’ve developed strong relationships with our service providers, which comes in handy when negotiating contracts or resolving service related issues.


We Manufacture Time For You

Re-purpose countless hours you would have lost strategizing, vetting providers, negotiating contracts, managing installations and ongoing supplier relationship management towards high return strategic initiatives.


Focus on What You Do Best

Let us handle the rest. Having to deal directly with routine service related issues pulls you away from making the best use of your valuable time and resources. Adding another expert to your team will increase your peace of mind.


Stay on The Cutting Edge of Technology

We keep our fingers on the pulse of evolving cloud technologies, so you can leverage the right technology solutions to empower your employees, serve your customers, enhance company culture and grow your brand.


Financially Help Those in Need

CMG donates a portion of its profits to several charity organizations for children in need.


Eliminate The Pressure of Quota-Based Supplier Salespeople

Going supplier direct often means dealing with a monthly quota sales rep. We have no supplier partner quotas – Period! Our recommendations are 100% unbiased.