Technology Done Right is Transformational

Finding the Right Technology can be Complex, Confusing, and Frustrating, in other words . . . A REAL PAIN

Technology Puzzle Scrambled

CMG understands the technology puzzle and has over 20 years of experience solving problems and creating opportunities for our clients by leveraging effective technology solutions. We have an awesome team of Subject Matter Experts and Solution Engineers that are eager to first, listen and learn about your business, share their expertise about various technologies then recommend several Supplier Partners options that will deliver the greatest value to your business – this is a huge time saver. CMG will guide you through the process of identifying, vetting, selecting and implementing the right technology Supplier Partner for your unique business. Schedule your free consultation today!


Overwhelming abundance of technology companies

We’ve never done this before

Where do we start

How many suppliers should we engage

Identifying and choosing the right technology for your company’s specific needs

It’s a time-consuming process: research, meetings, discovery, demos, pricing, POC, contracts

How do we cost effectively build to scale, integrate and secure our business

The rate of change is too fast for most IT organizations to do it all alone

We Believe Every Business Needs a Good Unbiased Technology Advisor


Why Should You Partner with CMG

Our Services Are Complimentary
We are paid by the service providers you select from our portfolio on a monthly basis. This type of arrangement is a great incentive for us to deliver an exceptional customer service experience. We provide Telecom/Cloud services insight, customer service, product support, billing inquiries, contract management, service changes, project management, setup service provider demos, facilitate service disconnects, and more, all at no expense to the customer. 

Over 200 Telecom and Cloud Suppliers in Our Portfolio
Gain access to a diverse portfolio of the best supplier options for your company’s technology needs. We identify the optimum telecom and cloud providers based upon your defined outcomes and their ability to deliver the solution.

We Provide a Secure Single Point of Contact
“One hand to Shake” meaning less finger pointing and fewer headaches for you. When you’ve got a question, a concern or an issue to resolve, you only need one phone number.

Personalized Strategy and Solution Planning
Established in 2001, we are qualified experts who live and breathe telecom and cloud integrations every day. We will collaborate with you to carefully construct the perfect plan for your company.

Gain A Trusted Advisor
We act as an extension of your team, guiding you with recommendations tailored specifically to your company’s industry and growth goals.

We Manufacture Time For You
Re-purpose countless hours you would have lost strategizing, vetting providers, negotiating contracts, managing installations and ongoing supplier relationship management towards high return strategic initiatives.

Stay on The Cutting Edge of Technology
We keep our fingers on the pulse of evolving cloud technologies, so you can leverage the right technology solutions to empower your employees, serve your customers, enhance company culture and grow your brand.

Our Supplier Partners

With over 200 Regional, Domestic, and International Supplier Partners in our portfolio, navigating through the sea of technology choices can be a real challenge. We constantly receive valuable insight and first-hand information about new technology services, promotions, newly added Supplier Partners to the portfolio, mergers, acquisitions and technologies that are on the way out. CMG will save you time and money by guiding with you through the maze of technology possibilities and opportunities.

Accurate l Responsive l Accountable l Grateful

—– Some of our Supplier Partners —–

What Do Our Customers Say About CMG?

Sean S.

Head of Infrastructure
Testing, Inspection and Certification Services

I have worked with Gary Keswick and CMG since 2002 and I have to say, they’ve transformed the way we do business. CMG has a uniquely diverse knowledge of technology solutions and over time has introduced new technology service models that were pivotal to supporting the evolution and growth of our business. These important changes have added significant value to our business and resulted in long-lasting relationships with several key suppliers. CMG is very responsive when dealing with supplier challenges and is an important resource when it comes to taking ownership of a problem, on our behalf. They assist us with holding the suppliers accountable to resolve support, billing discrepancies, network outages and complete time intensive projects. A big time saver for our busy staff. CMG is a pleasure to work with and I would proudly recommend them to any professional organization.

Kyle S.

Director of Information Services
Professional Agriculture Services

I have been working with Gary and his team for over 12 years.  When I started working with his team, we were primarily focused on legacy phone systems and billing.  Gary and his team helped us with consolidated billing as well as reducing our monthly spend.  As I worked more with the CMG team, I learned that they offered much more.  Since then, CMG has helped my company acquire the best pricing for internet circuits around the country, introduced me to SD-WAN and other new cutting-edge technologies.  His team keeps close tabs on our contracts and billing, so nothing ever slips through the proverbial cracks. One of my favorite things about CMG is that they are not tied to a single vendor.  The CMG Team does the research, vets the vendors, and their technology, and then brings multiple options to the table.  This is a huge time saver for me and my team. I highly recommend the CMG team to any company that struggles with staying abreast of current technology, vendor relations, billing issues, circuit issues, etc.  Their tagline says it all!

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