Communications Management Group (CMG) provides Strategic Insight, Customized Technology Solutions, Managed Services, and more to Empower your Employees, Deliver an Exceptional Customer Experience, Enhance Company Culture and Grow your Brand.

Technology Services Alignment

Both external and internal changes affect the alignment of any business’s strategy with their technology. With the accelerated pace of change today, and in the context of technology – aligning business strategy with today’s technology is a dynamic and complex journey rather than a lasting destination.

CMG’s Technology Services Alignment model first focuses on listening to understand the problem or gap and what business outcome you desire. Then we engage our team of Solutions Engineers and Subject Matter Experts to collaborate with you and identify the best performing service solutions for your consideration. The days of a generalist are behind us and now we seek out the technology specialist to help you roadmap the journey to your desired outcome.

We believe these ancient Proverbs never lose their truth.

• A wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel.

• Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.

Technology Services Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle management begins once your services are active. We proactively focus on supporting the ongoing service(s) relationship between you and your technology supplier partners. CMG ensures that your technology services partners remain committed throughout the entire contracted services lifecycle. There are no perfect companies, so it is not unlikely that a challenge could surface over the term of your service agreement. If so, CMG will step in and resolve events on your behalf.

We believe in manufacturing time for our clients.

Service / Billing / Moves / Adds / Changes / Auditing / Acquisition / Key Supplier contact departures / Finding someone that will take ownership.

All of these potential events are important, as is resolving them in a timely manner. The traditional customer support channels available to customers can be a major point of frustration when trying to resolve an event.

Being in this business for over 20 years, we’ve formed many valuable relationships with executive level industry veterans along the way. If by chance a customers get stuck and frustrated with a supplier, we know how to find someone that will take ownership and alleviate the pain.

The following is not a boastful statement; We can and will resolve these events faster than our customers can. We have done it many times for many customers. We all tend to improve when it comes to repetition of any activity.

We document in (AMP) all of your high value data for each of your technology services acquired through CMG. Audit monthly bills to identify errors for recovery. Proactively manage service Contracts End Dates to avoid costly auto-renewals and being tied to a solution that no longer delivers value to the business. Renegotiate service contract renewals, provide similar fair market value quotes or design new solutions to address identified gaps.

Safe to say nearly every business relies on technology. The layered acquisition of technology overtime can become very difficult to manage and track. In a word, CMG defines Technology Services Lifecycle Management as Transparency

That’s what we deliver for our clients.