Director of IT
Commercial Real-estate Developement

I have had the pleasure of working with Gary at Communications Management Group for several years now. We originally began using them for our telecommunication needs but have since grown to rely on CMG as our trusted technology advisor. Their mission of being Accurate, Responsive, and Accountable is just the tip of the iceberg, as they truly provide a ‘white glove’ level of service and deliver a value-add that is simply priceless. I would recommend them for any size business in need of a technology partner to take their business to the next level.


Vice President
Manufacturing – Performance Automotive

Gary Keswick with Communications Management group has been an integral partner to my team for over 15 years. His offering of the newest technology in a simplified and easy to understand package while successfully delivering on his promises is remarkable.


Director of Information Services
Professional Agriculture Services

I have been working with Gary and his team for over 12 years.  When I started working with his team, we were primarily focused on legacy phone systems and billing.  Gary and his team helped us with consolidated billing as well as reducing our monthly spend.  As I worked more with the CMG team, I learned that they offered much more.  Since then, CMG has helped my company acquire the best pricing for internet circuits around the country, introduced me to SD-WAN and other new cutting-edge technologies.  His team keeps close tabs on our contracts and billing, so nothing ever slips through the proverbial cracks. One of my favorite things about CMG is that they are not tied to a single vendor.  The CMG Team does the research, vets the vendors, and their technology, and then brings multiple options to the table.  This is a huge time saver for me and my team. I highly recommend the CMG team to any company that struggles with staying abreast of current technology, vendor relations, billing issues, circuit issues, etc.  Their tagline says it all!


Head of Infrastructure
Testing, Inspection and Certification Services

I have worked with Gary Keswick and CMG since 2002 and I have to say, they’ve transformed the way we do business. CMG has a uniquely diverse knowledge of technology solutions and over time has introduced new technology service models that were pivotal to supporting the evolution and growth of our business. These important changes have added significant value to our business and resulted in long-lasting relationships with several key suppliers. CMG is very responsive when dealing with supplier challenges and is an important resource when it comes to taking ownership of a problem, on our behalf. They assist us with holding the suppliers accountable to resolve support, billing discrepancies, network outages and complete time intensive projects. A big time saver for our busy staff. CMG is a pleasure to work with and I would proudly recommend them to any professional organization.


Business Development / Expansion Director
Medical Clinic

I am writing this letter of recommendation for Gary Keswick and CMG because I believe his service has saved me an immeasurable amount of time in my VERY hectic work schedule. Our medical company was expanding at a fairly quick rate across the United States. As the Business Development/Expansion Director, it was my job to oversee the buildouts and upfits for all the new clinics, as well as maintain them once they were open. For geographical reasons, I could not possibly be able to take care of all the IT needs. In addition, I did not have time to stay up to date with all the changes in technology that would help us be more efficient. A friend of mine recommended Gary. He had been working with Gary for a number of years and said he could take care of all my technology/IT dilemmas. After I spoke with Gary, he proceeded to learn all he could about how we did business and how we could be better with the addition of some newer technology. He took all this info and came up with a plan to change over our IT monitoring to a cross-country team and changed the way we handled phones and calls. Additionally, he became a singular point of contact for me when problems arise. As well as when a new clinic build began, he was right there with me in the planning stages to make sure everything was handled from a technological point of view. This allowed for seamless integration which, at a time when my world gets turned upside down and sideways during construction completion and upfit, was a huge relief. In summary, I would recommend Gary and CMG to anyone who needs more time for their job. To anyone who has cross country or global tasks that need done. To anyone who would like an expert to help make their organization more efficient. And most importantly, to anyone who appreciates good customer service in their hectic worklife. Gary is fantastic at what he does and is a great guy to boot. Give him a chance to show you what he’s got. He does not charge for his consultation!


BSenior GIS Graphics Manager 
Land Development and Community Planning

“I cannot say enough about Gary and his team at CMG. They were extremely helpful in finding creative solutions to our complex problems.  We worked together to migrate our legacy telecom systems, establish unified voice and data systems, and optimize our broadband configuration.  Always the consummate professional, Gary is very approachable, reliable, and responsive. He and his team helped our organization identify the best bandwidth options available, doing much of the legwork that saved us time and energy. They introduced SD-WAN, enterprise-grade connectivity for our internet and VPN solution, and helped us transfer to a VOIP telecommunications platform.  ‘Satisfied’ is an understatement, I would highly recommend CMG for your business technology alignment solutions.”