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Interests: Golf, health and fitness, cooking, vacationing at warm sunny beaches, and learning guitar.

Gary Keswick

Chief Alignment Officer

Gary founded Communications Management Group (CMG) in January 1995 with the primary focus being domestic mobile phone sales and short-term rental to inbound business travelers from Japan.

When it comes to technology, change is inevitable and Gary saw it coming in the form of international roaming agreements. As a result, in 2001 he pivoted and began offering telecom services to his domestic customers. Gary saw it was just a matter of time before our customers could take their mobile phone almost anywhere in the world and it would work, meaning no need to rent = shrinking revenues.

Fast forward 20 years later and it is difficult for Gary to articulate how much technology has changed. What has not changed since January 1,1995 are the founding core values and what he believes about how to serve his clients. Old fashion values still resonate. Integrity, transparency – no truth no trust, going the second mile, stewardship and always choosing to do what best serves the client.

Gary discovered when his beliefs align with the clients’ beliefs, something special happens. Kinda like how it works with our closest friends.

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Fun Fact: Jeff is an exceptional guitarist and  also loves playing drums. He enjoys studying eschatology, watching Hallmark movies and never misses a Laker game.


Jeff Harris

Account Manager
Jeff is the Account Manager for CMG and is a true people person. He has a BSEE degree in electronic engineering and is also an accomplished performing musician. This mix of aptitudes gives him the perfect balance for dealing with the technical detail-oriented aspects of the job but with a warm outgoing personality. He has spent the last 25 years managing technical sales of various electronic components and devices. Jeff is known for his relentless follow-up and attention to detail. Jeff gives it to you straight and has no problem putting the customer first while keeping the upmost integrity and transparency in everything he does. Our customers love working with him and truly trust that he has their best interest at heart.