(AMP) Asset Management Platform

Hey IT Professionals,
How Often Do You Ask These
Mind-Numbing Questions?

• What is the name of our supplier partner/vendor?

• Who do I contact for technical and billing support?

• Who is our Rep for this service?

• What is the account number for this service?

• What is the circuit ID?

• What are the IP’s for that circuit?

• What services do we have at that location(s)?

• What is the term of our contract?

• Do you have a copy of our contract?

• When does our contract expire?

• Who’s authorized on our account(s)?

See How You Can Quickly and Easily Avoid
Wasting Time Chasing Down Answers to These
Mind-Numbing Questions for The Last Time!

What Is Amp

AMP is a secure, customizable incredibly easy-to-use platform accessible from any device anywhere. Designed and functionality built by a team of developers with 20 years of telecom and cloud industry experience.

AMP is designed with your business in mind. Imagine all your locations telecom, cloud, SaaS, hardware, contracts, alerts, project management, document library, reporting available on-demand. No more spreadsheets, no more chasing down important services information.


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