Supplier Spotlight: Cloudgenix

April 29, 2019 By CM Group

It’s all about the apps: Agile, intelligent SD-WAN connectivity for cloud, SaaS, and data center applications.

In a market that is becoming increasingly crowded, CloudGenix takes a fundamentally different approach to SD-WAN. A recognized leader in the market, CloudGenix provides a software-defined WAN solution with AppFabric technology that enables customers to build a global WAN across all sites and users based on business policies for application performance, compliance, and security.

Unlike their router-based counterparts, CloudGenix AppFabric was built with the end-user in mind, giving users the ability to define top-down global policies that drive business rather than a bottom-up configuration that is driven by technical implementations. Easily integrate WAN connections while taking advantage of cloud and SaaS applications for better visibility of app performance and SLAs, dramatically simplifying network operations.  

Use cases for app-centric SD-WAN from Cloudgenix:

  • Add bandwidth capacity to branch offices using business internet
  • Reduce dependency on MPLS to decrease the cost of WAN
  • Integrate SaaS applications and cloud platforms like Office 365, AWS, Azure, and others
  • Embrace digital transformation through video, kiosks, and other techniques
  • Simplify WAN management, providing better alignment to business policy
  • Reduce brand office hardware and devices, simplifying manageability
  • Shift to cloud-centric cloud security and threat prevention

CloudGenix AppFabric provides best-in-class SD-WAN that is application-centric and automated. Ensure your business policy and WAN policy are properly aligned and enjoy simple configuration, management, and monitoring of workflows.

Quick Facts

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Company size: 51 -200 employees

Year founded: 2013

Specialties: Wide Area Networking, Software-defined WAN, Remote Office Networking, Virtualized WANs, and SDN WAN


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